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The only thing I like more than Football, is writing about it.



How It All Happened, In Spite Of My Father

My Dad, although not a Football fan, was a fan of technology. In April of 1990 he bought a new television system called BSB, meaning we had a Squarial Antenna fitted to the house. This included a Sports Channel and, to my amazement, one Sunday afternoon I was able to sit down, armed with a coffee and a cigarette, in front the TV. On that fatidic Sunday, I stumbled across a live Italian Football match - that is, perhaps, when my love affair began.


How It All Happened, Thanks To My Father

It is thanks to a specific person, amongst others, if that game did in fact become ‘beautiful’ in my eyes. Although I often forget it, that person is my father. My father, who, ironically, is perhaps one of the most passive football fans I have ever met. And still, he was able to gift me with what is currently one of my greatest passions. The majority of football-related things this man has done, he has done for my benefit - not for himself.

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